J-RS-220-1/40 Ballast
  • J-RS-220-1/40 Ballast
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J-RS-220-1/40 Ballast


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The following series are used for preheating start, abnormal protection of lamps, suitable for supporting high-end grille lamp panels and important engineering applications:
J-RS-220-1 / 30A
J-RS-220-1 / 40A
J-RS-220-1 / 58A
It can be used for preheating start, suitable for supporting grille lamp panel, bracket lamp and oil and gas engineering, class I and class II explosion-proof.
J-RS-220-2 / 20A
J-RS-220-2 / 30A
J-RS-220-2 / 40A
J-RS-220-2 / 58A
J-RS-220-3 / 20A
D-RS-220-2 / 20a
D-RS-220-2 / 30a
D-RS-220-2 / 40a
D-RS-220-3 / 20A
D-RS-220-3 / 30A
D-RS-220-3 / 40A
FLUORESENT LAMP BALLAST has a power factor of 0.95, a lumen coefficient of 95%, and harmonic distortion will not exceed 30%.
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