ATY-10 explosion-proof speaker
  • ATY-10 explosion-proof speaker
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ATY-10 explosion-proof speaker


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product description
Material Stainless steel housing
Outlet 1 G1 / 2
Installation method: Indoor wall or ceiling
Weight 1.5kg
Explosion-proof sign
Explosion-proof mark ExdllCT6
Protection class ip54
Electrical index
Output power 10W

Loudness ≤95dB / 1m
Frequency range 500 ~ 5400Hz
Electrical connection 2-core cable connection
Product Features
ATY0-10 is a supporting product for indoor monitoring of explosion-proof PA phones in industrial communication systems. It is used in environments with low noise in explosion-proof areas. The product belongs to the middle and low bass room type, with excellent sound effects.
The product is used for on-site broadcasting and broadcasting, and can be automatically partitioned. With other products, it can realize point-to-point, partition control and automatic control.
Indicator light shows working status;
ATW-1 has host (program-controlled) explosion-proof telephone PA communication system, suitable for petrochemical, oil and gas, drilling platforms, oil depots (ships), ports, docks, military industries, medicine, mines and other dangerous flammable and explosive gases. Place and strong noise environment for PA call communication.
Automatic transfer call with phone ringing
Features and automatic shutdown of on-hook calls, as well as other functions such as dispatch, broadcast, single call, group call, forced insertion, floating address translation, etc.
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