ATW-3 intrinsically safe explosion-proof telephone
  • ATW-3 intrinsically safe explosion-proof telephone
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ATW-3 intrinsically safe explosion-proof telephone


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product description
Material ABS functional plastic
Using electronic music bell, the ringtone is crisp and pleasant
With full electronic, non-contact induction function
Installation method Can be used as a desktop or wall-mounted, convenient and reliable.
Weight 2kg
Explosion-proof sign
Explosion-proof mark ExibllCT6
Protection class IP56
Electrical index
Input voltage AC 220V / 50Hz
Ringing voltage (V)
Ringing current (mA) ≤25
Numbering method: Audio / pulse
Ringing level (dB) ≥85
Explosion-proof type Intrinsically safe
Transmit loudness evaluation value ≥2dB (0km)
Transmit loudness evaluation value ≥-8dB (0km) ≤2dB (5km)
Electrical connection 2-core connection coupler
Product Features
Explosion-proof coupler can be used with various types of telephone exchanges of 48 ~ 60 volts.
The call line adopts automatic gain control (AGC) circuit, so that the size of the call sound is basically not affected by the change in the length of the outside line.
In addition to the functions of ordinary telephones, it has all-electronic, non-contact induction functions, and the circuit uses special technology
Explosion-proof key telephone with advanced electronic circuit design. The explosion-proof telephone is suitable for places containing flammable and explosive gas mixtures, such as petroleum, chemical, oil depot, steel, coking, mining and other enterprises.
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